Your Legacy, Your Choice

The Estate Preservation Plan is a financial planning solution that ensures that those you leave behind when you die have immediate financial support, that the expenses and fees associated with your estate are catered for, and that your will does exactly what you want it to do.

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What are the benefits

Inclusive Benefits

Lifetime will and storage Benefit

If you need a will, a properly drafted one will be put together from scratch for you by a service provider of your choice. We help make sure that your will is maintained, kept secure and accessible.

Initial Expense Benefit
Cash within 24 hours

Immediate cash to cover your funeral and other initial expenses.

Executor Fee Benefit
Provides cash for executor's fees

Pays the fees a professional executor will charge to wind up your estate.

Estate Shortfall Benefit
Provides cash for additional costs

Pays a lump sum that the executor can use to pay for all the costs related to winding up your estate.

Optional Benefits

Enhanced liquidity Benefit
Provides a lump sum to cover extra expenses

Provides additional liquidity for estates that are set to attract high costs or expenses not already catered for.

Monthly Expense Benefit
Money to cater for your dependants

To cover day-to-day living expenses while your estate is being wound up

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