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As the old

                                                              saying goes,

                                                              nothing in this

                                                              world is certain

                                                              except for death

                                                              and taxes.

                      You can find certainty, however, with the Estate Preservation Plan – a financial planning solution
                      that ensures that those you leave behind when you die have immediate financial support, that
                      the expenses and fees associated with your estate are catered for and that your will does
                      exactly what you want it to do.

                      HERE’S HOW.
                         1      By making sure that you have a will and that it’s all in order.

                           2    By minimising the financial burden on your heirs.

                      Where there’s a will there’s a way…to preserve your legacy
                      We work hard our whole lives, we follow all the rules about building up our wealth and saving
                      for the future, yet when it comes to confronting our own mortality, we find it hard to do what
                      needs to be done.

                      And drawing up a will is one of the things that needs to be done.

                      By making sure that you have a will in place, you can name an executor to wind up your estate,
                      name a guardian for your children, specify how you want your property to be distributed, avoid
                      putting your family in a situation where they would have to make all of these decisions for you,
                      avoid creating potential family conflict, and more.

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