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How the Estate Preservation
                            Plan takes care of your will

                            The Estate Preservation Plan makes use of professional service providers who specialise in all
                            aspects of wills. By partnering with the specialist service provider of your choice, we are able
                            to help you make sure that:

                            1.  Your will is correctly drawn up:
                                The first step is to make sure that you have a will, and the second step is to make sure
                                that it’s drawn up 100% correctly.

                            2.  Your will is executable
                                Not only does your will need to be signed and witnessed correctly, but there are other
                                considerations that need to be addressed to ensure that your wishes are complied with.
                                Our specialist service providers make sure this is all in order.

                            3.  Your will is current
                                Our specialist service providers follow up with you to ensure that as your circumstances
                                change your will is updated to cater for the changes.

                            4.  Your will is safely stored
                                Our specialist service providers ensure that your will is kept secure and accessible in a
                                fireproof, waterproof and theftproof vault.

                            < 25%                  of people have a will in

                                                   place when they pass away.
                                                   (According to the Master’s Office)

                            What you get out of the Estate Preservation Plan                    When drafting
                            •   If you have an existing will, it will be collected it, validated and made sure   a new will,
                                to tick all the boxes.
                            •   If you need a will, a properly drafted one will be put  together from   remember to
                                scratch for you.                                              plainly state that
                            •   You will have an executable will.                               you cancel all
                            •   Proactive management of your will with an annual review.         previous wills.
                            •   The safe storage of your original will.
                            •   Peace of mind that your final wishes will be fulfilled.

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