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Where there’s a preservation plan there’s a way…

           to alleviate financial burden                                            It’s all about your choice. We engage
                                                                                    with specialist service providers to draw
           Building a legacy can take a lifetime. But without the right planning, this legacy can   up your will and act as your executor.
           easily be diminished. What you ultimately intend to leave to your heirs can be drastically   We don’t stipulate who these service
                                                                                    providers have to be.
           reduced because of the costs involved in winding up your estate and what’s more,
           the burden of paying these costs falls to your heirs. This is why you need the Estate   It’s your
           Preservation Plan.
           It’s a solution that makes sure funds are available to pay expenses, and immediately
           caters for your heirs so that they aren’t forced to sell any assets and lose the value of
           your legacy, nor are they obliged to put in any cash.

           By  providing  cash  for  the
           executor’s fees
           Your heirs won’t have to find the cash to
           pay the executor’s fees. We make sure
           that this is catered for.                       By providing cash to pay for the winding up of
                                                           your estate
                                                           Your heirs won’t have the burden of coming up with the cash to cover
                                                           the costs related to the winding up of your estate. We make sure that
                                                           you can cater for these costs.
                          How the Estate
                          Plan takes care
                         of your finances               By providing cash to your heirs immediately upon
                                                        your death
                                                        Your heirs  won’t have  to wait  for your estate to  be wound  up before
                                                        they have access to the cash they need. We make sure that they’ll have
                                                        enough cash to tide them over while the winding up is underway by
                                                        providing funds to cover the costs of funeral arrangements as well as
                                                        living expenses.

               < 30%                 of people have enough cash in their estates to

                                     cover the winding-up costs when they die.

          4   Estate Preservation Plan                                                           Terms & Conditions apply          E&OE
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