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What you get out of the Estate Preservation Plan
                      •   You decide how much of the sum assured to allocate to your heirs, the executor and the estate
                      •   We pay out cash to your heirs within 24 hours of receiving your death certificate.
                      •   You choose an executor (we don’t restrict who you choose) and negotiate the fee.
                      •   You are able change executors at any time, if you choose.
                      •   We pay out cash to use for any costs associated with winding up your estate (we don’t
                          prescribe where this money can be spent).
                      •   The full sum assured regardless of what the costs amount to.
                      •   Immediate cover on acceptance.
                      •   Free accident cover for up to 30 days.
                      •   The ability to forward the inception date by up to 60 days and still enjoy full cover.
                      •   You can rest easy knowing that your heirs will not experience financial hardship as a result of
                          your death.

                      The Administration of Estates Act No. 66 of 1965 empowers the Master of the High
                      Court to order the appointment of a professional executor on estates exceeding a

                      certain value, regardless of who you have nominated in your will to act as an executor.

                  On average, an
                    estate takes

                         9 to

                months to wind up.

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