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The simplicity of the                                           Estate Shortfall
          Estate Preservation Plan                                                                Monthly Expenses
          Together, the elements of the Estate          Initial Expense
          Preservation Plan combine to offer you a
          complete solution to safeguarding your estate
          to the benefit of your heirs. And, two more                                                         Enhanced
          optional  extras  are  available  to  cater  for  any                                               Liquidity
          additional special needs you may have.                                                              Benefit
                                                      Executor Fee
                                                      Benefit          BENEFITS                OPTIONAL BENEFITS
          Our ActivWill Management                            +               PRESERVATION
          Programme takes away the                                                    PLAN
          worry surrounding your will

          •   Your will is properly drafted
          •   It efficiently distributes your estate to your heirs               AFTER YOU DIE
          •   It nominates an executor of your choice                           BEFORE YOU DIE
          •   It appoints guardians for minor children
          •   It’s safely stored
          •   It’s reviewed every year
          •   It’s easily accessible whenever you need it

          Costs typically payable when winding                                                 ActivWill
          up an estate:
          •   Advertising costs
          •   Conveyancing fees
          •   Rates and taxes
          •   Master’s fees
          •   Taxes
          •   Debts (e.g. bond, overdraft, credit cards, store cards)
          •   Medical costs
          •   Maintenance and accrual claims
          •   Funeral costs
          •   Executor’s fees

          These costs need to be paid out of your estate, and if there aren’t enough funds in your estate to cover the costs, your executor may have to
          sell your assets or ask your heirs to pay the costs directly.

          6   Estate Preservation Plan                                                           Terms & Conditions apply          E&OE
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