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The key benefits of our
            Death Benefit alleviate                                                                         +
            the financial burden for
            your heirs                          Initial Expense        Estate Shortfall          Executor Fee
                                                    Benefit                 Benefit                 Benefit

                                               A cash lump sum of up to   A lump sum is paid out to your   A lump sum is paid to your
                                                R50,000 is paid to your   Late Estate that the executor   Late Estate to fund the cost
                        Not only does the       heirs within 24 hours of   can use to pay for all the costs   of an executor, whether you
                    Initial Expenses Benefit take   providing us with your death   related to winding up your   nominate a professional or
                     care of your dependants’   certificate. You decide how   estate. You decide how much   not. This amount can be a
                  immediate financial needs, it also   much this lump sum should   this should be and can change   maximum of 3.5% (+ VAT) of
                  takes care of their emotional and   be and can change it as your   it as your circumstances   the value of your estate.
                   practical needs by offering grief   circumstances change.  change.
                     counselling and products
                     from leading funeral service
                           providers.                                                                Any funds put aside for
                                                                                                      the estate shortfall or
                                                                                                     executor’s fees that are
                                                                                                      not used are paid out
            The optional benefits on                                                                 to your heirs once your
            our Death Benefit ensure                                                                   estate is wound up.
            added peace of mind

                                               Monthly Expenses       Enhanced Liquidity
                                                    Benefit                 Benefit

                                                When you die your bank   In cases where your estate
                                               accounts will be frozen and   is set to attract high costs,
                                               your dependants won’t be   you’ll need additional
                                               able to access your money.   liquidity. This benefit pays a
                                               For absolute certainty that   lump sum into your estate
                                                they can cope with the   over and above the Estate
                                               routine costs of living while   Shortfall Benefit to cater
                                               your estate is being wound   for these expenses and
                                               up, this benefit provides 12   liabilities.
                                               monthly tax-free payments.

         Terms & Conditions apply          E&OE                                                    Estate Preservation Plan  7
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