Page 8 - Estate Preservation Plan
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Select your Estate Preservation Plan

                       You can choose between two types of plan depending on the
                       complexity of your estate, your health and your own particular needs.

                    Classic Plan                                       Flexi Plan

                            Total sum assured*                                 Total sum assured*
                            R152,500 or R300,000                               R590,000 or R1,300,000
                                                                               or R2,625,000
                            NO medical underwriting                            Underwriting
                            NO medical questions                               11 medical questions
                                                                               NO medical testing
                            1-year pre-existing                                Exclusions
                            medical conditions                                 Immediate cover
                                                                               on acceptance

              Apply for cover
              Work with your financial advisor to establish your needs and determine which plan would be
              right for you.

               STEP   Establish the size of your estate. This will be the gross amount calculated by adding the
                1   value of all your assets (see page 8 of the application form).             *Remember, you
                                                                                              decide how to split
               STEP   Choose the correct plan based on the gross value of your estate. Use the tables on the   the sum assured
                2   inside front cover of the application form, which set out the tranches of cover available
                    by estate value.                                                          among your heirs,
                                                                                               estate costs and
               STEP   List the expenses that will need to be covered by your estate. Allocate amounts for the   executor’s fees to
                3   Initial Expense Benefit and the Executor Fee Benefit and then consider the Enhanced   get exactly what you
                    Liquidity Benefit and the Monthly Expenses Benefit (see page 8 of the application form).

               STEP   Complete the application form. Take care to answer all the questions and sign and
                4   initial each page where indicated, then scan and email to

          8   Estate Preservation Plan                                                           Terms & Conditions apply          E&OE
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