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Frequently                                           Does Clientèle have to draft my will or can I choose my

                  Asked                                           own supplier?
                                                                  You can choose your own supplier if you wish, but Clientèle makes use
             Questions                                            of preferred suppliers who specialise in wills that you can make use of.
                                                                     We pay for the service according to our tariffs (see
                                                                     Payment will be subject to Clientèle’s terms and conditions for
         We’ve provided answers to some of the                    •   The will storage benefit is provided in partnership with your
          questions we regularly hear right here,                    chosen service provider through Clientèle Limited.
           but remember that it’s always best to                  •   Any alternative service provider that you elect (those not on
           check your policy document. Chat to                       Clientèle’s preferred supplier list) are not contractually bound to
             your financial advisor if in doubt.                     abide by Clientèle’s service levels and standards.

                                                                  How do I claim?
                                                                  There are several ways to submit a claim:
                    What is an ‘estate’?                          •   Contact your financial advisor
                                                                  •   Send an email to:
            An estate is the sum of your assets
              (everything you own) minus your                     •   Use the self-service platform on or dial
          liabilities (anything you owe). An estate                  *120*337* (standard rates apply)
         can be made up of fixed and moveable                     •   Phone us on 011 320 3332
        property, investments, cash in the bank,                  •   Visit the Clientèle Head Office at Clientèle Office Park, Cnr Alon &
                   unpaid salary and shares.                         Rivonia Roads, Morningside
                                                                  When am I not covered on this policy?
          Why is the gross value and net                          There are a few specific circumstances under which this policy
           value of my estate important?
                                                                  will not pay out, but always refer to your policy document for full
              The gross value of your estate is                   information:
             the value of your estate before any                  •   Death due to riot, terrorism, war or similar event outside South
             deductions are made for liabilities.                    Africa’s borders
            The net value is what is left after the               •   If your policy is not in force at the time of your death
        deductions have been made. The gross                      •   Death as a result of suicide in the first 24 months (24 paid
        value is used to calculate the executor’s                    premiums)
            fee while the costs associated with                   •   Where the claim is fraudulent
          winding up your estate are funded by                    •   Classic Plan only – Death due to a pre-existing medical
                  the net value of your estate.                      condition (as defined). For the first 12 months after this policy
                                                                     has been accepted, this benefit is not payable if the cause of the
                                                                     claim is related to a condition that occurred within the 12-month
                                                                     period prior to the acceptance date.

         Terms & Conditions apply          E&OE                                                    Estate Preservation Plan  9
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